Some cool events coming your way…

First up is the Non-Multiplex Cinema AGM that we have cunningly retitled “The Big Idea Meeting” because we, at Non-Multiplex Cinema, have such big ideas for the coming year. Come and be part of the adventure on 5th July 6.30pm at the Actors Centre (West End) over a drink or two.
What plans do we have? Well we have exclusive access to Spectrecom film studios to hold acting/directing workshops. Be first in line to try out your scripts, and actors, directors, cameramen and others, there’s nothing like practising in a real film studio in a relaxed atmosphere. Come chat to us on how this can help you. Spaces are limited.
We have plans to include new broadcasting opportunities for your films. Plus raising the bar to our acclaimed events and hopefully opening up a whole new way of networking, as we strive to get you to meet the people at the top. If you complain that you never can meet the right people in the industry then come down for a chat and perhaps we can help you.
As well as our other plans, you’ll also get a chance to meet the faces behind Non-Multiplex Cinema and we always love any contribution that you can bring to be part of our team. Entry for “The Big Idea Meeting” is free. Just email us at info@nonmultiplexcinema.com to say you are coming along.

And now for the big event. Details below about the FILM MEANS BUSINESS next panel and networking event "All Hail the Producers" on the evening of the 25th July at the Deloitte Auditorium (City of London). I think the line-up of the producers speak for themselves. Needless to say our last event, just a few weeks, ago was packed out with close to 200. So do grab your places as the discounted price will be going up shortly.

All the best,
Julian, Mike and the Non-Multiplex Cinema team

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Film Means Business presents:

panel & networking event

Date: Monday 25th July 2011
Time: 7pm till 10pm - intermission for drinks - networking before & after event
Venue: Deloitte Auditorium, 1st Floor, 2 New Street Square, London EC4A 3TR

Drinks! Q&A/networking! More drinks!

Film Means Business will soon be staging the panel and networking event that, to many, will be its most important to date, 'All Hail the Producer!'.

'All Hail the Producer!' will focus on the people who have the talents and the power to make filmed entertainment happen as a business. Sometimes referred to as true producers, they are extremely highly regarded by film-makers and by investors alike as the most valuable people in the film production world.

Film Means Business has invited the following producers to panel:

Keith Evans Keith Evans
Founder & CEO of Baker Street Entertainment
Keith set up his accountancy firm in the 70’s, specializing in the music business, later branching into films. He now heads up one of the UK’s leading independent production, finance and distribution firms. Films include: 'Ladies in Lavender', 'My Summer of Love', 'Green Street', 'Saving Grace', 'I Capture the Castle', 'Bloody Sunday' and 'Anita & Me'.
Nik Powell Nick Powell
Director, National Film & Television School
Nik is one of the UK’s top producers. Having established Virgin Records in the 70’s with Richard Branson, Nik branched out into film production and has since produced some of the greatest UK films of modern times, including: 'The Crying Game', 'Mona Lisa', 'Fever Pitch' & 'Little Voice'.
Martin Carr Martin Carr
Formosa Films
Martin has many years' experience as a feature film producer, having worked with some of the UK's best, contemporary writing and directing talents, such as Geoff Thompson, Paul Abbot and Danny Boyle. He is one of the UK’s exciting new producers whose films include 'Clubbed' and 'Twenty8k' (currently in production).
Laura Hastings-Smith Laura Hastings-Smith
Independent Producer
Laura co-founded Dazed Film & TV where she produced a broad slate of innovative projects culminating in the award-winning feature film 'The Lives of Saints'. Since then, as an independent producer, Laura has co-produced the feature film 'Hunger' which won numerous international awards, including the Camera D'Or at Cannes.

Hosted by:

Gina Fegan Gina Fegan
Managing Director, South East Media Network & D-Media, former Managing Director, Screen South
Gina started as a cinema manager, later branching into film finance and production, eventually becoming the MD at Screen South where she headed up the allocation of UK Film Council funding for independent productions in the South East. Now in charge at SEMN and D-Media, Gina is at the forefront of UK international media marketing and promotions. and a producer in her own right with "Devil's Playground" and "The Tournament".

Film Means Business
is a collaboration between Non-Multiplex Cinema and The Co-production Factory



Hosted by Non-Multiplex Cinema in partnership with the Co-Production Factory

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