How to Watch Topics that You Like

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This tutorial will shows you how to watch topics in the forum that you like to receive email notifications so when people post to this topic, you can not miss anything and join in the converstion if you like. The tutorial will also show you how to watch an entire forum and hence receive notifications when people reply to posts or post up new topics to the forum.

Kind regards,
Julian, Mike and the Non-Multiplex Cinema team

Watch a Topic Thread

You can post a topic in the forum area for people to reply to.

To get the Forum, choose the Forum tab at the top of the screen.
The Forum page will show a list of forums. Here Joe Bloggs decides to look at the Corporate forum.
Joes finds this topic interesting so he goes to Options and chooses 'Watch this topic'. Meaning whenver someone posts to this thread, he will receive an email notification.
Before posting his reply, Joe shows another way to 'watch this topic'to receive notifications to his email if someone replies to this thread.

Watch a Whole Forum 

You are so interested that you can't be without receiving nofication to your email when anyone posts to the whole forum.

Joe Bloggs decides to watch every post that is made to the Corporate forum.  

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