Responding to feedback, we have vastly improved the way you can find members. Now you can search by their user name, real name, location, job title, company name or email. After logging in, go to the Members section to see the new Search Members feature on our website www.filmmeansbusiness.com :

If you haven't put a job title or company name in your profile then please do. You can also add your website address.

Stop press! We have also added a News section. This is the latest news about independent films and media from Non-Multiplex Cinema. Don't be shy, send a news item to info@nonmultiplexcinema.com. Get it in included in the Non-Multiplex Cinema newsletter that goes to 30,000 filmmakers in the UK.

Below is a more detailed look at the new Search Members feature.

Kind regards,

Julian, Mike and the Non-Multiplex Cinema team.

P.S. If you don't have access to The Hawking, The Talking forum then please make sure you have registered and then send a quick email to filmmeansbusiness@nonmultiplexcinema.com, including your user name, and we will update your security access rights.


How to Search for Members

You are receiving this email because you have attended, bought tickets or are about to attend a FILM MEANS BUSINESS event. At the first FILM MEANS BUSINESS event, we mentioned that we would provide a way for everyone who wanted to, to share contacts and details. Now it is easier with the new Search Members feature on our website www.filmmeansbusiness.com

This tutorial will show you how to find members you are looking for..

If you haven't already registered on our site then feel free to do so, registration is free. Instructions on how to send messages using the three methods follows. Any queries email filmmeansbusiness@nonmultiplexcinema.com

Kind regards,
Julian, Mike and the Non-Multiplex Cinema team

Search Members

You can post a topic in the forum area for people to reply to.

In this example Joe Bloggs is logged in. Logging in unhides the Members link Press it.
This brings up a number of search boxes. In this example we wish to find someone's real name Doe. Then press the search button, bottom right.
The system has found one name that contains the word 'doe' in it. The name Debra Doe, click on it to her profile page.

Composite queries

Can search on multiple criteria. Each search creteria narrows the search, giving back less and less people, but more of what you are looking for.

In this example, we want to find producers in London who work for the BBC, who are registered on the site.

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