Keyword Watch - A brilliant new FILM MEANS BUSINESS forum feature

Sit back and relax (photo by Lushlee)

Sit back and relax


Sit back and relax. Now there is no easier way to receive notifcations about posts from the FILM MEANS BUSINESS forums that are relevant to you.

Simply login to and click the My Keywords tab. Then follow the instructions to add your keywords that are used to match for words in posts. Posts (and topic headings) that contain any of your keywords are automatically emailed to you. In the email will be links back to the relevant FILM MEANS BUSINESS forums where the matched posts reside.

You can choose to receive email notifcations hourly, daily, weekly or as fast as the system can deliver. For the latter option, posts are likely to be sent individually. Where as in the other options, you will receive less email notifications as posts that occur during the selected frequency are collated into one email before sending to you.

Hope you like this new feature that allows you to only receive notifications from posts that you choose to be interested in. For a full tutorial please see below.

Kind regards,

Julian, Mike and the Non-Multiplex Cinema team.


Keyword Watch

You are receiving this email because you are a member of FILM MEANS BUSINESS on our website

This tutorial will show you how to set up keyword watch so you receive notifications from posts to your email that you choose to be interested in.

If you haven't already registered on our site then feel free to do so, registration is free. Instructions on how to send messages using the three methods follows. Any queries email

Kind regards,
Julian, Mike and the Non-Multiplex Cinema team

Watch Posts by matching Keywords

Login into your account.

In this example Debra Doe is logged in. Click on the My Keywords tab link.
This brings up a text box on the left to input your keywords and a frequency selection on the right that determines how often email notifications are sent to you.
In this example, Debra Doe types in keywords; a phrase director of photography, and the word cinematograph*. This will match any new posts that contain that phrase or any words that start with cinematograph (the wildcard symbol * matches zero or any number of characers for that word).
Debra also chooses to receive email notifications as soon as the system can send it.
Don't forget to save your settings.
Now someone is about to post a new topic with the word Cinematographer in the topic heading.
A few minutes later, Debra Doe receives in her email inbox the email notification from the FILM MEANS BUSINESS system. The top of the email shows that the post with Cinematrographer in the topic title, indeed was picked up and included in this email notification. Also another post was picked up too, as the post text had the word cinematography in it.

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