Thank you very much for attending yesterday's event, for making the evening so vibrant and I hope you enjoyed the evening too and the excellent panellists. These are some of the topics posted in the forums on our website www.filmmeansbusiness.com :

As promised, we have put up Mark Webster's Metrodome panel PowerPoint presentation. Please find it here.

We would also love your feedback from the event as we are constantly trying to improve them. Please go to here to post your feedback.

And a post from ikemo44 who has five scripts in development with celebrity interest. Please find their post here..


And if you are not sure how to post and reply to posts in our forums, below there is a detailed description to doing just that. And please feel free to post up new topics. Obviously the more people using it, the more it becomes useful and informative for everyone. So post up and reply to anything you like.

Also if you want to contact people from yesterday's event via email then please read here on how to do just that.


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Julian, Mike and the Non-Multiplex Cinema team.

How to Post or Reply to a Topic in the Forums

You are receiving this email because you have attended, bought tickets or are about to attend a FILM MEANS BUSINESS event. At the first FILM MEANS BUSINESS event, we mentioned that we would provide a way for everyone who wanted to, to share contacts and details. Well now you can, and more, using our website www.filmmeansbusiness.com

This tutorial will show you how to post a topic or reply to a topic in the forums.

If you haven't already registered on our site then feel free to do so, registration is free. Instructions on how to send messages using the three methods follows. Any queries email filmmeansbusiness@nonmultiplexcinema.com

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