3 Ways Provided by Our Site to Help You Contact Other Members

You are receiving this email because you have attended, bought tickets or are about to attend a FILM MEANS BUSINESS event. At the first FILM MEANS BUSINESS event, we mentioned that we would provide a way for everyone who wanted to, to share contacts and details. Well now you can, and more, using our website www.filmmeansbusiness.com

Three great ways provided by our website to help you to keep in contact with each other (and especially after the next FILM MEANS BUSINESS event this coming Monday) are by:


or a private message.

or a shoutbox.

If you haven't already registered on our site then feel free to do so, registration is free. Instructions on how to send messages using the three methods follows.

Kind regards,
Julian, Mike and the Non-Multiplex Cinema team


You can email to any member's email on our site without having to know their email address. Here's how to do it..

In this example we are logged in as 'Joe Bloggs'. Click on the Members tab to get a list of all the members on the site.
The list is arranged alphabetically and you can jump to member names that start from any letter by clicking a letter on the row above. In this example it is the letter 'D',
You will then see a list of names starting with the letter. In this example, there is only one name that starts with 'D'. Click on the name you would like to send a message too. In this example the name 'Debra Dee' is clicked.
Click on the 'Email' button to compose an email to send to the member's email address.
Type in the subject, the message body and then press the button 'Send E-mail'. The email will then be sent to the member's email address that the member  registered with our website.
In this example, Debra Doe has registered with our website with the email address dedradoe808@gmail.com. This is a google email account so she goes to her gmail account and then finds a message from Joe Bloggs.
Now Debra Doe can reply to the email and this time can send a reply directly to Joe Bloggs email address that was used to register on our website with. Further communication can then carry on using normal email communication, without having to use our website.

Private Message

Private messages allow members to communicate by sending messages to each other through the website's own messaging system. So no external email addresses are used here, instead each member uses the Inbox and Sent Box provided by our website

In this example, Joe Bloggs is currently logged in and wishes to send a private message to Debra Doe.

Click on the 'PM' button (short for Private Message button).
Type in your subject and message body text. Click the 'Post' button to send the message.  
Next time when Debra Doe logs onto our website, she will receive a pop-up box to tell her that she has a message awaiting her. She is also notified by a message sent to her email address that she used to register with this site. The email tells her that there is a private message waiting with a link to take her to her inbox on our site.  
In  this example, Debra Doe clicks on the Inbox button to go to her Inbox.  
In  this example, Debra Doe's Inbox has a new message from Joe Bloggs and clicks on the message subject to read the message.  
Debra Doe can now reply to the message by pressing the Reply button, or the Delete button to delete it. The Quote button is the way to forward the message to another member.  


The ShoutBox is the last method here that allows for communication between members. This facility allows you to send a *shout* to anyone currently logged on the system. This is all real-time. Anyone logged on can immediately read the message and can at their choosing submit a shout for others who are currently logged on to instantly read. Shouts are also archived for other people to come in and see it.

In this example, "Joe Bloggs" types in the message about Peter Jackson and the new Red Cameras.  
Upon hitting Submit, everyone currently logged in can immediately read the message. It is possible to have multiple real-time conversations going on.  

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