Film Means Business - panel event

Photo by David Gent

FILM MEANS BUSINESS is a fast growing, London based, UK film industry networking initiative, born out of the non-profit, film activities company, Non-Multiplex Cinema.

Its main activity is the organization of high profile, panel and networking events that take place in central London.

Managed and co-ordinated by Mike Gould and Julian Bushell (Founder of Non-Multiplex Cinema), Film Means Business has surfaced quickly as a premier live events hub for both experienced and aspirant film professionals alike, hosting packed out, 200 strong audiences in an atmosphere of spontaneity and excitement.

FMB events have covered comprehensive and disparate themes such as Production, Film Finance, Sales and Distribution, Digital Marketing, International Co-production, Sales Agencies and UK Film Producers (twice over), with planned new events always on the go.

Panels are hosted by producer Gina Fegan, CEO D-Media (former Managing Director of Screen South) and all events are organized in collaboration with the professional, international co-production events company, Creatives Loop.

If you have not yet been to a Film Means Business event, then come along and give it a whirl, you never know quite who you will meet or what will happen, and the ticket pricing is ludicrously inexpensive.

We're a friendly bunch and we're all about the fun of meeting up and making solid, useful, face to face contact with other film professionals.
Also, we have recently begun a new initiative, called cgiCITY, in which VFX and CGI professionals are invited to give presentations on their work in the visual effects area of film-making, the most recent of whom, Andrew Whitehurst, gave an absolutely packed out presentation on his work as VFX Supervisor for the Bond movie Skyfall